Dave Clark - Quiz Pages

Hi, and welcome to my website about my enduring love of quizzes and TV quiz competitions. 

I've been quizzing since 1988. At a local level I've been pretty successful. I've been setting quizzes in my local rugby club for 20 years now as well. Hopefully this website will give you a little bit of an insight into this particular pastime.

 In 2003 I was invited to audition with a team for the first ever series of Eggheads. We didn't get invited on the show, but I was well and truly bitten by the TV quiz bug. Since then I've appeared on a number of TV and radio shows. In 2006 I took part in BBC's prestigious Mastermind quiz competition. I was beaten in the first round, but enjoyed it in so much that in 2007 I participated in it again. Much to my surprise, I won the series. In 2009 I reached the quarter finals of BBC's Are You An Egghead. Then in 2010 I came joint runner up in Radio 4's prestigious Brain of Britain competition.

This, my website is all about my career in quizzes on television and on the radio.

On the next page - "Quiz Shows" I give you a little detail about the format of the shows that I've been on, and some of the shows that I haven't been on, but wish that I had.

There are also pages for each of the shows that I have so far appeared on. I've included all of the questions I was asked during the 2007 series of Mastermind. After my account of the 2007 Mastermind series, you'll find a page about what happened to me as a direct result of winning Mastermind.

I've also included a page telling you how I first got involved in quizzing, and about my quiz career leading up to my first TV appearence.

There are pages which give you my advice about getting onto a TV show, and about setting your own pub quizzes, and a page about the history and development of Quiz shows in the UK.

I've also included some pages about my collection of TV tie in quiz books, about my favourite 'ordinary' quiz books, and about books about quizzing and quiz shows.

My Shows

Come and Have A Go If You Think You're Smart Enough - BBC1 2004

Lost in Studio Final

Eggheads - BBC2  2005 -

Lost on second tiebreak

Mastermind - BBC2  2006 -

Lost in 1st Round

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire  2006 -

Got £32,000 question wrong - left with £1000

Mastermind - BBC2 2007 -

Won the Grand Final - Series Champion

Are You An Egghead ? - BBC2 2009 -

Won 2 shows, lost in quarter final

Brain of Britain - BBC Radio 4 2010 -

Joint runner up in Grand Final

Mastermind Champion of Champions -

Beaten on passes in heat by series champion

Only Connect - BBC4 -

Member of runner up team in Grand Final

 Fifteen to One - Channel Four

Down to last two - 14th to be knocked out